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About Data Empires

Data Empires have quickly emerged as one of the most trusted companies in data recovery, along with different training courses as well. We provide data recovery and repair services of the highest order to individuals and organizations alike. Our company was formed in 2015 and we have never looked back since then with several clients under our belt who are happy with our services and solutions. With dedicated professionals with years of experience, we take care of lost data.

Data can be lost due to several reasons like logical errors, physical damage to the storage, accidental deletion, data corruption, etc. No matter what the cause is, with us, you can recover the valuable data.

Services and training :

Data Empires is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IMS 27001:2013 certified company. We offer trustworthy data recovery and training services in the country with a proven track record. We invest in the best equipment, conduct research, and development to build new tools and programs. Along with that, training is provided to students by industry professionals with great expertise and experience.

Quick service:

We have been able to successfully recover lost data quickly with high-quality machines and tools and programs developed by us. We also develop tools like platter replacement tool, head replacement tool, magnet repair tool, firmware repairing software tools, motor unstuck tool, etc. Our training has given several students a great understanding and industry-level knowledge.

Well equipped centers:

Data Empires is trusted and relied upon by several people and organizations for all their data recovery needs. Our center of excellence is equipped with all the latest technologies and tools. We have a huge stock of accessories for all leading HD brands. With the level of inventory we have, you can quickly leave your data recovery needs in our hands.

Why you should join us:

You can join this ISO 9001:2015, and ISO/IMS 27001:2013 certified company for all kinds of data recovery needs from any device like HD, SSD, flash drives, pen drives, mobiles, memory cards and much more. You can join us for training as well if you want to build a career in data recovery and repair services. Our services are meant for companies and individuals of all sectors and industries. The training we provide can be availed by a variety of people as well.


Why Choose us:

We are a certified and recognized company and amongst one of the most reputed data recovery centers and training centers in India.

  • The great success rate of data recovery

  • In house research and development team developing unique tools and programs

  • Risk-free data recovery

  • Cost-effective data recovery service

  • Guaranteed data security by skilled data recovery experts.

  • Training based on real-life scenarios with theoretical knowledge and practical learning.

  • Most actionable data recovery tools

Whatever the need be, Data Empires is here:

An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 company with in house development of advanced tools and programs, Data Empires, has quickly emerged as one of the leading data recovery and training centers in India. Whatever be the need, the experts are here to get things done.

Laptop Repairing

Whatever be the problem with your laptop, be it a problem of turning on and off or anything related to the hardware, software, damaged screen, keyboard, etc., our service will be fast and cost-effective. We ensure that your laptop repairing service is effective and efficient.

Mobile Data Recovery

Our mobile data recovery service can easily handle the recovery of data from formatted devices and deleted data like photos, videos, etc.

Data Duplication Services

Our efficient data duplication services can help you to upgrade the hard disk without having to install the OS in your system and can duplicate the hard disk sector by sector to working hard drive. With our services, you can also create a hard disk clone for further use.

Data Recovery Services

We are offering data recovery services from all kinds of devices and storage medium for all kinds of operating systems.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

At Data Empires, you can recover all the valuable data you have lost, which was stored in flash drive. It is easy to recover the damaged or corrupted data from pen drives, thumb drives, memory cards, and sticks. Flash data recovery is also possible in cases where the data has been formatted or hidden due to virus attacks.

Hard Disk Repairing Services

We offer hard disc repairing services with a warranty.

Whatever be the problem in the hard disk, be it a failed PCB or dump error, slow performance, formatting issue, etc., you can get cost-effective solutions.

Data Recovery Training

Apart from data recovery and repair services, we also provide world-class training in data recovery and repairing. A good number of students have benefitted from the course which is taught by expert professionals with several years of industry experience.

Get in touch with us to know more about everything we do and how we are helping people at affordable prices.

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