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Android Mobile Data Recovery

The world is migrating from desktops to mobile phones. Smartphones of today are compact forms of computers with high performance, huge storage, and enhanced functionality. The smartphone market is growing higher and higher. According to Statista reports, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to reach 5 billion by 2019. About 84 % of smartphones sold to consumer used the Android operating system.Most of people are completely addicted to the android mobile devices to do daily tasks like calling, banking, business trading, and social networking. Mobile devices contain a lot of sensitive personal data like photos, videos, bank details, passwords and many more. When failure occurs in android smartphones thatenable us to access the store data.

Some common issues faced by android users are:

Smartphone become dead

Phone freezes on the logo screen

Forgetting pattern lock or pin

Damages the screen

Accidental formatting and deletion

Virus attack

File encryption

The android data recovery is not as easy asĀ hard drive data recovery. We require extensive knowledge of basic electronics, understanding of android, mobile hardware structure, software, and hardware-specific tools.

This is extremely difficult to recover the data with mobile devices due to:

Hardware differences

Different versions of android Mobile operating systems

Android platform security features

Malicious programs

Passcode recovery

Lack of resources

Lack of availability of tools

Android Data Recovery Training course is the most hands-on and highly technical logical and physical data recovery course. The goal of the android Data Recovery Training course is to train you on advanced data recovery techniques as well as advanced data analysis strategies not available elsewhere. You will learn the fundamentals of android, general android mobile hardware structure, logical data recovery along with advance techniques of hardware data recovery like JTAG, ISP extraction and chip off, which will enable you to properly diagnose android device and bring data back.

Android data recovery training course modules:

1. Introduction of android data recovery

2. General Mobile hardware structure

3. Understand android

Android model:

Linux kernel layer, hardware abstraction layer, libraries, Dalvik virtual machine (DVM), android runtime (ART), Java API framework layer, system app layer.

Android security:

Secure kernel, Permission model, application sandbox, secure inter-process communication, application signing, security-enhanced Linux, full disk encryption, trusted execution environment.

Android file hierarchy

Android file system

4. Data recovery methods:

Manual method

Logical Method

Physical Method

Chipoff Method

5. System setup for android

Install android SDK (software development kit)

Cerate AVD (Android virtual device)

Install device driver

Setup ADB (AndroidDebug Bridge)

6.Handling an android device

Enable developer mode

Enable USB debugging

Enable Stay awake settin

Increase screen timeout time

Android rooting

How to root android device

7. Manual data recovery:

How to recover the data using the application with or without mobile rooting.

8. Logical data recovery:

Different techniques for mobile rooting , Screen lock bypass, Email id bypass , data recovery using 3rd party software, imaging android mobile, recovery mode data recovery process, Fast Boot data recovery method, Recovery via installing TWRP, Recovery techniques of Image video documents contact numbers , Recovery from formatted device , Recovery of deleted data , whatsapp data recovery , Data extraction from whatsapp backup.

9. Physical data recovery:

General mobile faults , Repairing techiniques of android device , recovery techniques from damaged scrren mobile , recovery from whater damaged mobile , JTAG (joint test action group) extraction and ISP extraction: identify TAP points, how to solder connection, device/ box used for data extraction, extraction or imaging technique.

10. Chip off technique:

What is chip off method, Hardware required for emmc reading, Emmc reading adapters, Emmc Normal IC & Pasted IC Cutting, Reballing Emmc, Fixing emmc, FRP Unlock, ISP Pinout Supply Testing, Dump File Read and Write, imaging emmc, encrypted image file extraction methods.

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