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Why Is It Essential to Shield Your Data in Today’s Digital Threats?

There is no need to mention the importance of data in today’s digital world. Data is driving the world by giving businesses the necessary insights into what is going on and assist them in making viable business decisions by smoothly running the operations. Data is sensitive and valuable and hence attracts a lot of digital threats. As the Internet is growing every day, networks have become more prominent, whereas data integrity has become a significant aspect for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The Importance of securing your network to keep all the valuable data safe is very high. While no network on the Earth is entirely immune to attacks and threats, an efficient and stable network security system is vital for protecting client data. A reliable and robust network security system reduces the risks of falling victims to sabotage and data theft.

What happens if network security is breached?

Considering the importance of data, none of us would want to lose the essential data. In case of a security breach, the network can be hacked, which can cause tremendous damage to the business. Misleading information may be planted into the system that can change everything. By planting misleading information, hackers can destroy the integrity of the company in the eyes of the customers as they may feel misled and cheated. Essential

Why Is It Important to Shield the Data Against Possible Threats?

Keeping the database or the data safe is not only necessary but essential for businesses. Proper data security prevents the loss or compromise of data, which may otherwise have serious impacts on the organization both in terms of reputation and finances.

A good data security system helps in the following ways:

  • It helps the companies to block attacks, which include ransomware and breached firewalls as well, thus keeping all the sensitive and valuable information safe.
  • It can prevent malware attacks and viral infections, which can corrupt data and bring down a network besides spreading to all endpoint devices.
  • It also ensures that any physical damage to the server does not lead to the loss of data.
  • It also helps in preventing the loss of data through the corruption of files or any programming errors.

Why There is a Need to Invest in Data Security?

Organizations need to keep their data safe from numerous digital threats. The right security system can help a business in various ways.

Business Reputation: Reputation is very essential for any business to keep hold of clients and attract new ones. Gaining the trust of customers is significant. However, if there are any accidental data leaks or losses, the reputation can be significantly harmed. In case of a security breach, there is a lot more than money at stake. It may put the clients at risk and hamper the future of the business.

It is, therefore, essential to keep our data safe and enhance data security to prevent breaches and the loss of data. The results of data loss and leak not only affect the company in terms of money but also harms trust and reliability.

To Avoid Such Scenarios, Corporate Training Should be Conducted to Improve Data Security

Data Empires is one of the leading and reliable data recovery services providers that come in very handy in case of data loss, no matter what the reason is. So just in case, you are unable to protect your data completely and end up losing some, get in touch with the experts at Data Empires to get the problem resolved. If you want to learn about data recovery training, at a very pocket-friendly price, you can gain knowledge through our corporate training courses.

The Power of Data Backup and Data Recovery: What Is Data Backup and Data Recovery?

Data backup means the process of copying and archiving data of your system to a secure media so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Data recovery means the process of retrieving the data from that specific media where data backup is taken. The system refers to mobile phones, computers, laptops, pen drives, etc.

How important is your data to you? Definitely, nobody wants to lose their data, therefore I can say it is vital enough and needs a source to keep your data secure. Data loss can happen because of various reasons. Some of them are listed below –

  1. When a hardware collapse or a computer failure occurs, it can make data unrecoverable.
  2. If someone robs your computer system, it can also cause you to lose information.
  3. When your data gets deleted accidentally.
  4. Every time you use a system, there are chances of viruses or malware being found in software or hardware and can erase the hard drive data or prevent anyone from accessing data.
  5. Any natural disaster can cause system damage and stop access to the data.

Since we know how important your data is to you, data backup and data recovery is a great solution.

Importance of Backup and Recovery

Data loss can happen to anybody. Whether it is business work data like reports, documents, presentations, or personal data like family vacation pictures, essential texts from loved ones, family function videos, or student data like important papers, homework documents, tutorials provided by the college, all are of great importance. You need to protect your data. Backing up the data and recovering it helps you protect your data, and you will be happy with the fact that your data is safe.

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery

  1. A state of peace – The efficient backup of your data on a regular interval or data recovery of your data after data loss gives you peace of mind. For business purposes, it is a good start to save essential company data and not lose the company’s investors and customers. E.g. A business seminar or student presentation is ready to go live and the system crash down for some reason. Data backup and recovery can save you from an embarrassing situation.
  2. High Data Loss Protection – There are tools available for data loss protection to assure that you have your data in storage as well as in motion when it is lost because of some reason.  An additional data backup on cloud or offsite storage is the best option, where a backup of data has become more accessible and secure than before. It is more reliable, allows better management, cost-effective, and gives file transfer security also.
  3. Users relationship – It helps to enhance a healthy relationship with clients, which leads the way to increased marketing, sales, the value of a company, and build trust.
  4. Enhance productivity – Backing up the data information streamlines the development of code, files, documents, pictures, papers, accounts, etc. By maintaining the data history of a company or institute, reduces wasted time by preventing repetitions and improves productivity.
  5. Cost-Effective – If you have a huge amount of data, then remote data backup is an effective solution. When you have a lot of data, you require a lot of storage space, which means that it can be costly and burdensome if we don’t choose cloud storage. In case of no data backup availability, you can step forward to data recovery with data recovery solutions.

How Data Empires Can be Your Helping Hand?

We at Data Empires have expert engineers that work on different sorts of data backup and recovery processes to prevent the loss of your essential data. Whatever it is, the CCTV, DVR drive data loss, pen drive data loss, hard drive data, encrypted data, mobile data loss, SSD drive data loss, memory card loss, or others, we will recover it all for you. At Data Empires, we understand how important it is to keep your files safe, and we are specialized in restoring data quickly and efficiently.  If you want to gain more knowledge on data backup and recovery for your work, be sure to get in touch with Data Empires.

At very pocket-friendly prices, we are offering data recovery services to help you keep your data more safe and secure from your storage device.

It’s an acceptable idea to take the backup of your data to keep data safe and well protected, and at good practice and precautions, you should keep sensitive data organized, safe and secure from hardware or software failure caused by malware attacks, virus, damage to system, theft and accidental loss.

Hard Disk Failures, Data Recovery, and Subsequent Solutions!

In a world that is driven by data, we know how much data is worth and how much losing essential data can cost anyone, from individuals to organizations. Well, information is sensitive and very powerful if used rightly, inviting a lot of threats from various sources.

Data recovery comes in very handy and helps to solve inaccessible, lost, and corrupted data. It is nothing but the process of restoring lost data. Data that has been lost, deleted accidentally, made inaccessible or damaged can be restored to a desktop, laptop, server, or an external storage source. Generally, when data is deleted, it still remains in the physical storage. The data recovery software is logical technique and hardware tools are used to recover this data from the physical storage of the system.

The Hard disk is a key device for storing data. Very often, data loss happens due to the failure of a hard drive.

Let us take a look at the types of failures that a hard disk may encounter and what their symptoms are:

Electrical Failures:

The PCB is a crucial component that acts kind of like a middleman, controlling, coordinating, and communicating the acts of reading and writing data between the system and the hard disk. If the PCB somehow gets damaged due to power spikes or power surges, there’s no other way to access the data, and it will be lost. This is a common failure scenario.

The lost data can be recovered easily as well as using data recovery services. Some of the symptoms that your hard disk might encounter a failure could be because of PCB inside the hard disk. If you might have heard any clicking noise issue in your hard disk then it would be issue of PCB failure. Basic symptoms of electronic failure and hard disk are knocking issue, no power PCB hit up and it could be because of power down after a certain time period.

Mechanical Failure:

Mechanical failures do not occur very often unless there has been an impact and wear and tear on the hard disk. In that case, several types of mechanical faults such as spindle motor gets stuck in the hard disk, head damage and the head is stuck on the platter. When such faults occur, a very low sound from the hard disk occur, that we have to very carefully listen to identify the mechanical fault. Some of the symptoms of mechanical failure include grinding and clicking sounds, completely quiet in case of motor freeze and unusual noises as the disk is powered up.

Logical failure:

Logical failures refer to any other kind of failure that is non-physical. It can be the easiest or the hardest recovery job depending on the causes behind the logical failure. A few cases of logical failure include accidental formatting, software bugs, accidental deletion, virus infection, malware, file corruption, bad sectors and file system corruption, and a lot more.

Firmware failure:

Firmware is a software used for low-level disk testing and other functions that are responsible for the proper functioning of the hard disk. It is generally only accessible to the manufacturers of hard drives and hard disk repair and data recovery companies like Data Empires.

Without the proper code due to firmware failure, there can be no communication between the hard disk and the system. If somehow the area of the platter containing the firmware code gets corrupted, the drive will fail even though all electrical and mechanical components are working just fine. Some symptoms are that the system does not recognize the drive, recognized wrongly, detection in bios but no detection in disk management, system hanging, hard disk initialization issue and it freezes during booting up.

Bad Platter Area:

Over time the platter surface may suffer due to wear and tear, or there could be manufacturing defects or the head may crash, or it could be tracking errors as well. In that case, inaccessible data blocks or sectors can be seen during writing and reading.

Data is lost, and the amount of data that can be recovered depending on the situation. Some of the symptoms of a bad platter area include sluggish performance, constant cyclic redundancy (CRC), inability to access files and folders that are visible.

Complex Failure Model:

Usually, hard disks don’t fail in a single mode of attempt. A combination of various failure modes commonly causes failures. It is essential to understand the modes of failure and then carry on with the repair and data recovery process.

So, these are the common types of hard disk failures that can lead to the loss of valuable data. For all kinds of Hard disk data recovery services, no matter what the breakdown is, you can get in touch with at Data Empires and avail the best-in-class data recovery and repair services.

Logical Vs. Physical Data Recovery Training: What Do They Mean and How Do They differ?

Whether an individual user or an official enterprise, you will always produce data, and this would then be stored in a specific storage space, preferably the hard disk. At times, due to unavoidable circumstances, the data is lost. Meaning that you can no longer access the same, even though it was located in your local storage a couple of hours ago.

Considering the fact that data holds tremendous importance, getting this data back or restoring them is a must. It could be a logical error or physical damage that resulted in data loss. Whatsoever be the reason, data recovery is one thing that none can ignore.

Logical Data Recovery

There are two kinds of data loss. One is the data loss incurred logically. What this implies is that logical data loss is the repercussion of a logical error.

  • Accidental deletion of a file
  • Infected with the virus
  • While reinstalling software
  • While formatting
  • Operating system failure
  • During deletion of partition
  • Partition Corruption

As so, it appears, these are some of the logical reasons that lead to a loss of data. Now all of these are irrevocable and don’t cost the organization or individual much. Training for logical data recovery is pretty simple and can be done without expert support and guidance.

In fact, there are plenty of tools and software available that automate the recovery of data lost due to a logical error. You can also take charge of repairing your own system and reinstating all of the lost data. Online Data recovery courses and materials have in-depth information on the know-how of logical data recovery.

In case you aren’t capable of successfully implementing the DIY method, there are also certain data recovery firms that can do the task for you, or at best; they can train you to handle similar situations in the future. The training modules designed by such agencies include all information pertaining to logical data recovery. Also, the fees charged for logical data recovery training isn’t much high.

Physical Data Recovery

If defined in the simplest form, physical data loss occurs when the hard drive suffers from extreme damage. It could be a hard drive crash or system failure, physical damage to your storage is the prime reason for loss of data physically. Now recovery of data here isn’t as simple as it was in the former case.

The problems here are complex and it might also happen that the drive is no longer operational. Repairing the storage and recovering data cannot be done by the user and requires expert support.

Users can either outsource their requirements or, at best, opt for Physical Data Recovery Training. The courses are designed under the guidance of domain experts who test and verify solutions suggested in the training courses. The cost of these data recovery courses is pretty high, not to mention the effort and skills needed to excel in the process.

Factually, recovery of data lost due to physical damage requires extensive knowledge of the hardware and the corresponding components (Cleanroom basics, Desoldering of components and then soldering the new ones, read/write head transplants, platter replacement, etc). It is not possible for a user to know all, and hence signing up for training modules and courses is the best way to solve the matter in-house.

Physical Data Recovery Vs Logical Data Recovery

  1. Cause


Hardware damage or mechanical disruption


Accidental deletion or virus intrusion.

Complexity Level:


The solution to such a problem is so critical because mechanical parts are so much sense and the size of electronic components and media-level parts are too small. one small can result in permanent data loss.


Solution of the logical case is less typical in the comparison of physical. Software tools provide good support for logical data recovery. But here we will be required to identify the actual reason for data loss.

  1. Repair


It cannot be recovered without comprehensive training, tools, and hands-on experience.


Users with basic knowledge or learning can effectively reinstate the data.

  1. Cost of Repair


Recovery of data lost due to physical damage is pretty expensive and can be as high as $700-$1000. But, with the Data Empires, the price, the service, and experience are undoubtedly different.


Logical data recovery doesn’t require much support or training, and hence, the price ranges between $100-$300 depending upon the cause of loss and the amount of data to be recovered.

The price which is what mentioned above charged by others. Still, don’t ensure about 100% of the recovery. To experience the difference, all I would like to say is get in touch with us and without a doubt, the result is ensured.

  1. Methods


Replace damaged components, Extract data from the damaged hardware and copy it to the new storage device.


Rebooting, or cleaning the virus. Apply multiple software for problems. Restoring the program to reconstruct the file system.


Where logical data recovery is something users can do without much training, physical data recovery seems to be the opposite. In case, you have just witnessed a loss, make sure you identify the cause and then take the necessary steps to restore the data.

Data Recovery: Important facts, Market size, and Why Data Recovery Policy is Required for Individuals and Corporates?

Did you ever face any data loss from your laptop, desktop, or any other devices? Obviously, yes, and we all have come across a situation and we hate it because we lose our essential documents, files, photos, videos, etc. We try to get those files, materials, or data back, but eventually, we are not able to get it back.

That’s why we all need to be protected and should have a backup, whether you are an individual or a company. Your data is too precious. If hampered, it may cause you a significant loss. To get educated on what is data recovery if data lost then read till the end, you will love it, trust me!  Here, I am writing what is data recovery, the market size of data recovery in the future, some facts of data recovery, and, last but not least, why data recovery policy is required for individuals and corporate. So let me start here.

Important facts: 

  1. 50% of businesses hit by natural disaster don’t have a disaster recovery plan due to which they can’t recover their data within ten days of losing it, which make them file for bankruptcy.
  2. 2.) 60% of businesses have no plan for any cyber-attacks. It means they are unprepared to protect their confidential data.
  3. Only 60% of companies have an idea to protect their data; otherwise, 40% of businesses have their network accessed by hackers.
  4. 70% of people are unable to recover the data because of high charges of data recovery
  5. 77% of organizations never test their tape back-ups and experience backup failures in the future.
  6.  And, 31% of attacks focus on small-size organizations with less than 250 employees.

Shocking, isn’t it? It is. No worries, I have something good for you, in the end, to make you aware of how you can save yourselves from this kind of problem. Sounds good? Yes, then let’s move ahead to the market size of data recovery growing in the future.

Market size:

Market size of Data recovery at the global level is expected to increase $4.1 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 12.9% CAGR during the forecast period. It is actually good to know that big companies are taking initiative to get secured in terms of creating data recovery policy.

Why is this market size growing like anything?  Because of not getting affected by data loss. For that, any individual or corporation is required to have a data recovery policy that protects them from data loss. It helps them to recover the data safely or protect the data if it is at risk. Let’s discuss why it is so essential for everyone.

Why is the data recovery policy required for individuals and corporate?

1.) Natural Disasters: 

Natural disasters are inevitable. Every area of the world is subject to some disaster, whether it is Flood, fire, power outage, hurricane, or tornado can do irreparable damage to your business. 20% of companies experience a failure (fire, Flood, power outage, storm, etc.) in any given year. Having a data recovery policy can benefit you from getting back on your feet so quickly. It becomes challenging to resume the operations of businesses without any data. It’s better to have back up, and that is a data recovery policy.

2.) Hardware Failure: 

After all, data that is in the storage is stored by machine, and you know what, it fails too. I mean, a power surge or any other cause can affect your hardware, which may lead to data loss. 95% of IT professionals have faced a hardware failure. To protect your data, having cloud storage or offline storage can be an extra benefit to get the backup of data for individuals as well as corporate. It is only possible if you have a data recovery policy.

3.) Human Errors: 

Well, if machines fail, then it is obvious humans fail too. It could be anyone like an employee, employer, or individual. Sometimes, they forget the data to save or accidentally delete relevant documents, which can cause a significant loss to any company or individual, and it is proven that 80% of unplanned outages happen due to ill-planned changes made by administrators. To overcome such kinds of problems or human errors, you should back up the data regularly by applying a data recovery policy in your company.

4.) Cyber Crimes:

Every day, we come to know about cybercrimes happening all around the world. Well, you never know, it may happen to you the next day or the same day. It could be a virus or tremendous attack virtually on your data storage to steal valuable information, which may cause significant losses. Having a data recovery plan can save you as well as recover from a hacking attempt by keeping your data safe and accessible.

5.) Customer Service: 

Without a doubt, you need a data recovery policy, whether you are an individual or running a company irrespective of the size of your company. Ultimately, you are serving customers and providing the best services to them. By chance, if the data of your customers is hampered or your business is shut down temporarily for data loss, you may lose the customers. If you are protected by having the data recovery policy, you can surely get back on your feet and can serve your customers ASAP.

Having a data recovery policy can help you in other manners as well, such as it helps you to save money. It helps you to protect your brand name because downtown or lost data can ruin your image in the business, which may create distrust among the customers as well as in the market. Get assured protection for your data by implementing a data recovery policy. It is beneficial for an individual or a company. If you are in search of an organization that can educate you on how to protect your important data with training courses, then get in touch with us today. We are an online data recovery training provider, helping students as well as professionals to pursue a career in Data Recovery of hard drive, pen drive, mobile repairing as well as laptop repairing.

The Significant Importance of Data Recovery Knowledge in Ethical Hacking.

What is a data recovery and its importance?

Data recovery is the process of regaining the lost data from other storage devices. When it comes to data loss, we need data recovery knowledge. There is number of reasons for data loss like virus or malware attack, damaged files, unexpected system shutdown, and much more.

Data loss can be widely divided into two types of damage, i.e., physical damage and logical damage. Now let us picture this, you are on the job for a crucial project whose deadline is a few hours away, and all of a sudden, your system behaves unnaturally. Your system behavior may be an indication of data loss. Data loss is the primary concern for an organization as well as for an individual. And when data loss happens, data recovery becomes a significant concern. This is the situation where data recovery services protect you.

So, data recovery’s primary and foremost importance is regaining all your lost data. Another importance of data recovery arises in situations like windows installation, accidental formatting of hard drive, system booting failure, and much more.

When you are not able to access the data in a normal way, you take the help of data recovery software that helps you collect the old lost data. The data is most often regained from internal or external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and other electronic devices.

Who are Ethical Hackers?

Now let us understand who are ethical hackers?

Ethical hackers are hackers that work to protect the system or network access. They have the company’s permission to do the same, They are also commonly known as white hat hackers. To avoid legal issues, there is an agreement signed between ethical hackers and organizations to work on their systems or network.

Since it is not possible every time to remove the risk from the system, there are always chances of virus or malware attack. The virus can lead the way to loss of system data. And here, we need data recovery knowledge. An ethical hacker has the responsibility not to lose the data of the system for whom they are working. In case the data loss occurs, they need to recover it.

Without having data recovery knowledge, hackers won’t be able to recover the complete data. Therefore, it is essential to have enough data recovery knowledge for ethical hackers. A good data recovery knowledge any day will help them become better hackers and trustworthy.

How can it be beneficial to ethical hackers if they have this knowledge?

A black hat hacker i.e. a bad hacker, wants you to lose your system data, your privacy. It does not matter to them how it can harm someone. They want to hack the digital life, whereas to save digital life, a good hacker has to be there. They should have knowledge of multiple things, including backup and restore data knowledge. Pursuing data recovery knowledge can add massive value to an organization if practiced & used efficiently and accurately.

The main motive of ethical hacking is to stop sensitive information from falling into the wrong person’s hands. There are people in the world who are willing to damage your data or steal them and use it to blackmail. Ethical hackers can be yours’ and yours’ company safeguards by enhancing digital networks, preventing security loopholes, and recovering your data in case of loss. It will build trust and satisfactory relationships between hackers and the organization. It will give better data loss protection. It will increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Bad hackers destroy the data; ethical hackers save the data. Some of the essential points one can learn for data recovery and its protection.

  1. Bad hackers destroy the data; ethical hackers save the data. Some of the essential points one can learn for data recovery and its protection.
  2. If your data has been deleted or lost, do not write new data to the drive.
  3. Scan all emails or links, content, attachment to minimize the chances of the further virus.
  4. Microsoft Office Macros are disabled by default on personal computers.
  5. Make a copy of OS in a disk as a backup. In case if infected by malware, you can restore it.

How can we help you?

We at data empires have excellent engineers to share our knowledge on data recovery with you. We are aware of the consequences of data loss and how important it is to keep files safe. If you are interested in learning more about data backup and recovery, be sure to get in touch with us. We are offering online data recovery training at a very pocket-friendly rate. To know more data recovery services and avail online data recovery training, get in touch with us.

Data Wiping vs. Data Deletion: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Data is crucial! As organizations presently are dealing with a lot of user information, it is essential to maintain all data securely. Holding personal information means you have to protect the data with absolute security.

However, there will be a time when the data becomes redundant, and you no longer require it. As such, organizations holding essential user information that cannot leave the data unaddressed.

Thus, all devices where such data information is stored like HHD, SSD, Servers have to be deliberately checked, and all information in the devices has to be deleted. To avoid any kind of data leak, it is essential that you either destroy or permanently remove the data.

However, you need to understand and effectively delete all such data. Data disposal is essential to protect data privacy. While you may often believe that deleting data is enough, as a fact, it isn’t sufficient. Wiping or deleting data can still leave traces of your data.

Hence, to ensure you have appropriately deleted data, you need to monitor if your data is permanently deleted or wiped.

Data Wiping

In specific devices like HHD, when you delete data, the data is not forever deleted. We often misunderstand this and think that the data has been deleted. However, the original file remains there. The actual thing that is really removed is only the sign pointing to where the file can be found. On an HDD, the data can be recovered as they are stored in the divided sectors.

Therefore, for the permanent deletion or unrecoverable data on an HHD, you may require a secure wiping data method. Overwriting data over the old ones is the best method chosen. This wiping data method formulates new layers of data over the old. In the case of hidden areas, you can use available tools to access the data. Although it might be difficult to access such data, having complete know-how about retrieving the data might be helpful.

In the case of an SSD, wiping data is more challenging. SSD stores data randomly. It makes it difficult to know where the data is written. Wiping data on an SSD is an almost impossible affair as you cannot erase a single file. The entire data has to be wiped using the SE commands, which release electrons from the SSD’s storage cells.

To ensure your data is completely secured, you need to use the right data wiping software that ensures your data is permanently deleted.

Data Deletion

As an organization, user information is more than significant ever, in case you delete all company information even by mistake, then still your hard disk might be carrying fundamental and secretive information that you want to delete when such data is no longer useful or not needed.

However, data deletion is a myth. Your files are still stored and can be restored from the Recycle Bin. Even when you hit ‘Delete Permanently’ the source files can yet be found. Therefore, the best way to delete the files permanently is to wipe or overwrite the data.

Data erasure is meant to clear the data or destruct whatever data is present through software or overwriting data in all sectors of the drive. Your drive is then available for fresh use.

Another process for deleting essential data from your device is to destroy your digital device. As absurd as it may sound, sometimes absolute data deletion is not possible. In cases of an SSD, they do not support specific interfaces and commands. Even wiping or overwriting data might not help. In such a case, destroying or shredding your SSD professionally is the only right option.

Therefore, data deletion might not be as simple as it sounds. Holding personal information means you’re holding sensitive data at your discourse. To avoid any data breach or infringement of peculiar information, or to prevent any further discrepancies, it is essential to either wipe off your data or destroy it thoroughly. Sometimes even without realizing it, your data might be stored or hidden in areas of your device, which is not comprehensible. Hence, to permanently delete all vital information from your device, you can even hire professionals to leave no trace behind. At Data Empires, we are well-versed in wiping out all your data with the help of high-quality machines and advanced technology. Leverage our data wiping services to effectively and efficiently wipe your data without any electronic storage medium.

Things to Take Into Consideration Before Choosing a Professional Data Recovery Service Provider

One of the most frustrating situations is you have measured all the precautions, but still, you are not able to save your data. You feel like “expect the unexpected.” Well, it could happen to anyone. You strongly feel like having a helping hand with the hope of helping you in data recovery.

This is where you start your search for the best data recovery company; however, the only question that strikes your mind is what should take into consideration before choosing a professional data recovery service provider. 

No worries, just sit relax! Go through this blog post until the end to get all your questions answered in detail because this blog post will help you understand what questions you may require to ask your data recovery service provider. And, if your service provider can fall into all the seven points mentioned below and can answer all your questions, then they would be a perfect fit as your data recovery partner. So, let’s start point by point. 

1. Choose the company that has certified professionals or a renowned name in the market

It is always a wise choice to choose the company you are familiar with or have heard about it from the relevant references. Before making a purchase, we make sure the brand is little known to us, so it is quite easy to trust. A similar thing goes into selecting the right data backup service provider. Choose the company you have already heard about from the standard references or have well-versed certified professionals. 

2. Consider the company that has years of experience in providing high-quality data recovery services.

If you are being asked, what is your favorite smartphone? Some will say Apple or Samsung or Sony. But why do the majority of the customers say so? Because they trust those brand names. They have been in this business for many years. In a similar way, it should be considered with the recovery service provider, because they have years of experience in handling thousands of cases and have top-of-the-line expertise in handling such kinds of situations. Additionally, they believe in staying updated with the latest trends and technologies like Flash Technology, Virtualization Technology, etc.

3. Select the company that has a flexible system as per your business needs. 

At this point, all you need to do is to make sure that the company you choose has a flexible system to create a solution as per your business needs. Because what happens that the environment you are working in could have cloud servers, laptops, PCs, email archives, or virtual environment. The company should have a flexible system or structure to offer you support as per your business requirement.

4.  Pick the company which has pocket-friendly pricing with no hidden charges. 

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is to choose the support partner that has pocket-friendly pricing. Compare their support plans and make sure that you do not compromise with the quality of the services because, in the end, all matters is the recovery of data, not the price. Discuss the service provider’s final estimation and make sure that there should not be any hidden charges after signing up for the service.

5. Make sure your data backup service provider keeps your data confidential and secure.

Another significant thing to take into consideration while choosing the best company for data recovery is to make sure that your data backup service provider has the specialized equipment, skilled, trained, and certified technicians. Your data’s confidentiality and security will be maintained by them only, so it is important to give things special attention as well as importance. Apart from that, they should provide 24-hour surveillance and secured vaults to store your hard drives. 

6. Ask the relevant questions to the data recovery service provider.

You may ask relevant questions like, 

➤ What is the process of data recovery? 

➤ The estimated time to recover the data from the device or hard drive

➤ Do you have skilled technicians?

➤ How many cases have you solved till the date?

➤ What if the data is unrecoverable, do I still need to pay

➤ How is their working procedure: in the organization or they send media to other locations? 

➤ Many more questions like above will help you choose an ideal data recovery service provider.

 If all the answers you get from them are satisfied, then they are undoubtedly the right fit. 

Customer support service at your time zone and preference 

At last, ask them about their customer support service. Ask whether they are available 24/7 or specific business hours for them if they need assistance with the update or in case of emergency urgency. Also, ask them whether they can be reached via email or a phone call?

The points mentioned above will help you make the right decision to choose a professional data recovery service provider. Selecting the right data backup service provider could be difficult for anyone who comes across a situation be it an individual or an organization

Losing fundamental and confidential data can have an adverse effect on an individual as well as an organization. But, don’t worry; now you are very much familiar before choosing data recovery and advanced solution provider. 

If you are looking for a professional data recovery service provider who has top-of-the-line expertise in data destruction and wiping, laptop repairing, SSD drive recovery, encrypted data recovery, flash data recovery, mobile-data recovery, and many more next-generation data recovery services, then get in touch with us today. We are a one-stop solution for your complicated data recovery needs.

Confused By the Data Destruction Terminology? Let’s Understand the Basics

Data destruction terminology has been classified into different ways by the industry gurus and technical publications. The term “Data destruction” is even sometimes referred to as data sanitization. It is not that easy to explain it in a lay man’s term due to the different viewpoints. In simple words, it is an act of making the data irrecoverable rapidly turns sometimes clarifying terms.

Data Destruction: A Definition

According to TechTarget, “The process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.”

However, to make sure that it is rightly gone and to observe the standard of the data protection, you actually need more. Here come the term data erasure and data sanitization. 

Data Destruction is Different from Data Sanitization

Have a look at examples shared on the issue:

When it comes to removing the single file, lots of data destruction systems remove the pointers to a selected instead of the entire file. Therefore, the data is still available on the machine. However, it is not easily available and accessible on apps or operating systems. In some cases, “file shredding” can make a copy of the file; however, it’s unclear that the overwriting procedure has been completed successfully.

Even after removing the data on a device, there are chances of leaving full data behind. It is essential to know in case of reuse, resell, or donate the device to somebody else.  The details are usually recovered through keyboard methods or with the support of forensic tools.

How much data is still there and how to access it again is completely depends on the media and the specific technique used for data destruction. In some cases, untested data destruction may turn into data exposure. The possible risk is associated with the value and confidentiality of the data and the level of data protection at the regulation of the industry needs.

Difference between Data Destruction and Physical Destruction

Destroying the data is different from media destroying on the device where the data was stored. Here I am discussing physical destruction.

The term ‘Physical destruction is referred to as making a device useless. The physical destruction can engage shredding physical devices into small pieces with the help of large mechanical equipment. It is a procedure of rearranging the compelling fields on hard disk drives (HDDs) with the help of degaussers. There are lots of techniques available to do the same. 

Possibly, the physical destruction may ruin the data completely. At the same time, complete physical cracking of the device doesn’t give 100% assurance of the data ends. 

This fact is particularly right with advanced flash-based technologies having SSDs. In solid-state drives, data is stored thickly that it can stay unbroken in shredded fragments. 

The data remain safe in the hard disk drives (HDDs). It is essential to take a proper process, and the magnetic force of the degausser should be strong as necessary to manage the HDD you are planning to destroy. If not, data may not be totally affected. At the same time, in the case of degaussing, non-magnetic drives (SSDs), once again, there is no loss of the data. 

By considering the points mentioned above, it is clear that physical destruction is not enough to say that data is destroyed. The excellent verification of the data destruction process should not be overlooked. 

Beyond Data Destruction to Ensure that Data is Deleted for Future

How do you confirm that the data is entirely removed from the IT assets? 

So it is advisable to consider something more than data destruction and opt for data sanitization.

The term ‘Data sanitization’ is one step ahead of data destruction. The data destruction procedure is confirmed with the help of the standard verification techniques and creates a licensed report. A file or even a device that has been sanitized has been confirmed to leave the targeted data without any option of recovery. This process is good to go with when the data is highly sensitive. It gives you the surety to diminish the danger of unauthorized access to the data. It is particularly important for highly synchronized businesses. However, the technique of data sanitization is sometimes necessary for data protection and data privacy fulfillment.

There are three top techniques to get data sanitization: physical destruction (using the process of verification), data erasure, and cryptographic erasure. These techniques are quite helpful. It is essential to select the better one that depends on the device you are expected to sanitize, industry permissions, fulfillment with data protection rules as well as tolerance of the risk. Some of the company is expected to use the above-stated methods, either individually or even with the combination of two. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for professional data destruction services via degaussing, crushing, erasure, or on-site hard drive shredding and data destruction standards, then get in touch with us today. Our advanced data destruction services make sure that all the sensitive data is destroyed, adhering to the industry standards from scratch to end. We are offering various types of best data destruction services to make sure that your business remains compliant when disposing of your legacy IT Assets

Importance of Professional Data Recovery Training

Data means the world to us today, as data is everything. Imagine what happens if suddenly the storage device used on the device you are reading this blog on crashes? The device is going to get turned off itself probably. As the world becomes more of a digital place to live in, the significance of a storage drive is only going to increase. Be it a cloud storage facility or your work computer processing so much data every single day, storage drives are there, everywhere. Server stations, websites, data centers, AI upload stations all rely on storage devices to save their data. Thus, data recovery is becoming a very relevant subject to have sound knowledge about these days. 

For any computer system to function optimally, the importance of a storage device is endless. Such is the case even for our good old hard disk drives to run our computers. This year 2020 marks the 64th anniversary of the hard disk drive, and as days progressed, we have only seen the rise of faster, better, and reliable storage drives. In that case, you might be wondering what happens if data on a storage drive is lost? Data is always recoverable, and for that, one needs to understand the importance of professional data recovery training. But before heading straight to that, let us understand what data recovery is precisely, and how is it done?

Data Recovery and Its Importance

The process of restoring or getting back lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, encrypted, and inaccessible data from a storage drive is known as data recovery. Recovery is only possible with rewritable storage drives. Again a rewritable storage drive is a device that allows to store, delete and restore data into it. However, the modern-day storage system works more on hard disk and solid-state drives. Data recovery services provide the solution of recovering these inaccessible data from a storage drive and then transfer them into a storage drive that you provide them. The restoration process involves the stitching of fragments of data that the hard drive has lost over time. Hence, skilled knowledge is required to execute the task. 

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How Data Loss Occurs?

Data loss from a storage drive occurs due to associated corrupt file systems. Loss of data can also happen when the drive suffers physical damage, malware attack, unexpected system shutdowns, sudden power cuts, and unknown file systems or formatting. Therefore, let’s find out briefly about the primary two causes of data loss from a storage device. 

➤ Physical Damage

Storage drives always come with moving mechanical parts unless they are modern-day SSDs or flash drives. A wide range of physical damage can happen to the moving mechanical parts during their operation, in case of a human mistake, or natural accidents. Damages can range from the breaking of magnetic tapes to mechanical failure of the motor rotating the disc stack. There might be chances that the needle which moves circumferentially across the disk is stuck and not functioning correctly. Hence, all these will lead to the loss of data from the hard drive.

➤  Malware and Virus Attacks

The worldwide web is a place exposed to tons of virus attacks. Trojan horses, malware, phishing agents are some other types of file formats through which a virus attack may take place. These files directly attack the storage drives and especially the hard drive running the operating system. In this case, chances of data loss exist the most. 

Importance of Data Recovery Service and Training 

Consider working on an important project, and the deadlines are closing in as the clock ticks by, suddenly your computer flashes a blue screen and shuts down! Now, while restarting the computer, you find out that the partition in which your project was stored is no more recognizable by the system BIOS due to some corruption. This is the warning sign and implies that if you wait anymore or try to do something on your own, it may lead to more damage and complete data loss. 

However, there is nothing to worry or panic about. The relief is simple; all you have to do is take it to a data recovery service center. Trained professionals will help you get back your data by utilizing their knowledge of data recovery. Thus, with an increasing number of storage drives every day, it would always be a good thing to know and do the restoration process yourself.

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Professional Data Recovery Training | Learning Modules

Data recovery training programs are available online that you can avail of at very pocket-friendly prices. However, the leading name has to be us here at Data Empires. With comprehensive training plans and pricing, we offer the most organized data recovery training. The best part is candidates can even recover their investment cost for the training by completing a task at the end of the course. Interested candidates availing of our courses will learn these below-mentioned things and receive course materials, and other study resources. 

➙ Recognize the symptoms of a failing HDD

➙ Understand the difference between Full Format and Quick Format, and the effects on the recovery process

➙ Creating clones of the storage drive

➙ Encrypt/Decrypt any data partition or USB storage device

➙ Recover lost data

Well, we hope by now you have understood the importance of professional data recovery training and the prospects it has. However, to avail of the course, a candidate has to have a very elementary knowledge of the Windows OS, and that is it. Come learning something new with us.

Top 10 Tools for Successful Hard Drive Data Recovery (August 2021 Update)

According to many genius industry minds, there is number of internal and external causes of hard drive data loss. Here we are listing down some of the most common reasons and also hard drive data recovery tools.

➊ While formatting your operating system, some or all of the partitions have been formatted.

➋ Due to virus attack or malware virus infection, a file or folder you saved can’t be accessed.

➌ The Partition table is corrupt or badly damaged.

➍ Mechanical damages of hard drive or power failure

➎ Fire accidents, explosions, spilling hot beverages, and water damages.

Because of these problems, people have started taking backup, but still, sometimes it happens that you don’t take the back up and the data is lost from the hard drive. To cope up with these kinds of situations, people have started using tools for successful hard drive data recovery.

Now, you might be wondering which tools they use. Well. If you ask me, I would suggest you use those tools that meet your needs well. The tools you select should be reliable, user-friendly, and fast enough. Along with that, it should have a high success rate, an intuitive interface, and advanced features.

Top 10 tools for successful hard drive data recovery in 2020.

1. Recuva

Piriform Recuva is one of the most preferred and widely used tools for successful hard drive data recovery if the files have been deleted accidentally. It’s more interactive and helps you recover the data by asking relevant questions regarding data lost.


⦿ It has an integrated interface that helps in simplifying the data recovery process

⦿ It provides the Recova wizard to recover the data easily and faster.

⦿ It also helps in recovering your emails from Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and Outlook Express.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the popular hard drive data recovery tools among users as it helps in recovering files that are deleted from the disk, formatted from the disk, lost while doing partitions and from inaccessible disk.


⦿ It has a deep and fast scanning process.

⦿ It provides high data recovery quality and an easy 3-step recovery process from various devices.

⦿ It supports various file systems that include FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2&3, HFS+, ReFS.

3. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is a well-known data recovery tool, helps in recovering the data lost from damaged and corrupted hard drives easily and faster. Apart from this, this tool has extra features such as optical media recovery and Smart drive monitoring to recover the data from various real-life data loss situations.


⦿ It helps in recovering data from all types of windows devices

⦿ It has a 4-step recovery process with quick & deep scan options.

⦿ It supports scanning specific folders.

4. Recover My Files

Recover My Files is an outstanding data recovery tool to recover files from the hard drive if lost. Not only has that but also helped in recovering files from Recycle bin and OS installation recovery. Mainly, it helps in recovering documents, photos, videos, audios, and emails.


⦿ It supports many storage devices like hard drives, SD cards, USBs, and iPod.

⦿ It allows us to adjust the layout of the items & scan the backup of a partition.

⦿ It sorts outs and helps in recovering the files by date.

5. R-studio

R-studio is a reliable hard drive recovery tool. It helps in recovering files from the internal & external causes as well as network disks. If the hard drive is damaged deleted or formatted, then R-studio is a best-in-class tool to recover the data anyhow.


⦿ It supports multiple file systems.

⦿ It specifies the scan area.

⦿ It allows creating image files & recovering the files from image files.

6. Data Rescue

Data Rescue is the best and most preferred hard drive data recovery tool, by windows and mac users. It helps to recover files If deleted, formatting the hard drive or partition lost while installing the operating system. It is handy for retrieving lost or deleted photos, videos, documents from Thunderbolt drives, Firewire drives and SD Cards.


⦿ It helps in locating the files by filtering or searching

⦿ It automatically excludes duplicated files.

⦿ It allows previewing files before recovering them.

7. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is a powerful yet reliable hard-drive data recovery tool that helps in recovering the data from external hard drives, USB Devices, computers as well as network drives. It is really convenient to find partition the hard drive even if the FAT or boot sector or has been damaged or maybe erased.


⦿ It’s FREE to use.

⦿ It helps to recover the files with the original time and date.

It helps in recovering files even if the header entry is not available.

8. Partition Guru Software 

Partition Guru Software is reliable data recovery software that helps in recovering the data that is mistakenly deleted, formatted, or partitions from hard drives, removable drives, virtual disks, and other devices like RAID. It also helps in Windows backup & restoration activity. 


⦿ It has DOS Support and the ability to edit the sector data.

⦿ It helps in recovering the data which got deleted permanently from the recycle bin.

⦿ It is very helpful in repairing bad tracks easily. 

9. Minitool Power Data Recovery 

Minitool Power Data Recovery is a popular free-file and data-recovery tool for Windows. It helps in recovering the data from hard drives, USB Drives, and other devices like RAID devices, too, from which the data is stored but lost because of damage. It has compatible modules that focus on specific data recovery tasks to recover your lost data. 


⦿ It’s a FREE edition limited to 1 GB of data.

⦿ It has a simple interface and wizard-based operation feature to recover the data easily for beginners as well. Simply, you need to follow the steps, and one is good to go. 

⦿ It supports recovering the data from CD, DVD, Memory card, and Flash drives too. 

10. Get Data Back 

Get data Back is the most powerful data recovery software using the newest technologies to recover the data from hard drives, SSD, Flashcards, and USB. With the help of this software, you can get everything back safely, faster, and easily. It is a complete solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux file systems. 


⦿ It combines capabilities for NTFS, FAT, exFAT, EXT, HFS, and APFS. 

⦿ It restores file names and directory structure and can restore large files too.

⦿ It has an intuitive interface with a lightning-fast operation. 

Wrapping Up:

So, the above-mentioned are popular, successful, and trusted hard drive data recovery tools that you can use to recover your data damaged or erased due to some technical or non-technical issues from your hard drive. Apply one of the tools mentioned and try recovering your important data. The scanning process, features, advantages of using these tools vary from each other. So use it wisely and adequately. 

If you are in search of professional data recovery training to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of these tools, then get in touch with us today. We will help you learn more about various storage devices, like hard disks, flash drives, solid-state drives, memory cards, and mobiles. Industry experts have designed the best data recovery training courses with several years of experience in data recovery training modules.

How Much Does Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost In 2021?

It becomes a nightmare when your hard drive stops working or crashes. All of a sudden, you get frustrated because you have all the critical data back in there, and now you don’t have access to your essential business data or your personal files anymore. It’s natural; anyone of us can get panicked! 

Whenever we all face such a situation, we try and contact the best-in-class hard drive data recovery experts and think that we will ask, “how much does hard drive data recovery cost?”. Well, it’s not that easy! You really need to look out for experienced and skilled hard drive data recovery experts that can provide high-quality data recovery services and budget-friendly pricing too. 

Well, if you are wondering how much does hard drive data recovery cost in 2021? Then have landed on the right blog post!

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Without wasting much time, let me tell you that the hard drive recovery cost may vary from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars as per the critical situation. I am sure that you might have heard people saying that they can recover the data for $1 per GB, right? Do you think that price is valid or acceptable in any case? 

Because we never know in what ways hard drive failure has been made. It needs to be examined adequately, then and then it can be said that the final cost would be to recover the data. 

To quote the estimated price, the hard drive must be scrutinized by professionals only. Trying to recover the data independently without proper data recovery training and knowledge may lead you to lose the information permanently.

But you still are confused and asking yourself a question that approximately, how much would be the cost for hard drive data recovery? Let us share some of the actual and regular costings that hard drive data recovery company charges for answering your questions.

  • Typical hard drive recovery costs range from $49 to $1500 depending upon the complexity, multiple drive setups, extreme damage, and many more factors.
  • The low-end price could go to $49-$99 – This price is charged when files are deleted from the hard drive.
  • The high-end price could go up to $1000- This price is charged when your hard drive is crashed due to water soaking, fire heating, or head or media damage

For example, If your car has an engine issue, the charge will be different when replacing or repairing the car engine. What if you need to fix the vehicle that has met with an accident and wants to replace it with new parts. Of course, charges would be totally different, you agree. Well, in the case of hard drive recovery, it is the same! Cost may vary from issue to issue. Let’s check what different kinds of factors affecting the costing of hard drive data recovery are.

Various Kinds of Factors Determine The Cost Of Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Device failure
  • Lab tools & operations costs for data recovery
  • Professional team of data recovery engineers/hourly expertise
  • Expected turnaround time 
  • Replacement parts
  • Research and development 
  • Internal media and replacement media
  • Quality assurance with IT security
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Sales, marketing, and customer service 

I hope you are pretty much clear about it. Now, if you think you need a trustworthy hard drive data recovery company, then let us lend a helping hand! We are a top-notch hard drive data recovery company, having experts in recovering the data in professional ways. We at Data Empires, provide top-of-the-line hard drive data recovery services for the last many years to our clients.

Speaking of which, let us tell you what kind of solutions we can provide for several types of issues that can occur to your hard drive.

Common Hard Drive Issues and Solutions?

  • No detection
  • Detection in Bios, not showing in disk management, showing 0 GB in bios
  • Slow performance
  • Formatting issue
  • S.M.A.R.T issue
  • Password protected hard drive
  • Corrupt MBR(Master boot record)
  • Damaged interface(For ex: USB or SATA connector)
  • Motor jam issue(No power)
  • Head stuck issue
  • Suddenly deleted or formatted hard disk
  • Corrupt hard drive firmware
  • Virus-infected drive data recovery
  • The occurrence of the “Format drive” message 
  • Raw partition
  • Partial read/write issue
  • Hard disk head damage
  • Platter surface damage
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage

Again, I would like to inform you that charges may vary. But trust us; we will help you with the budget-friendly quote with high-quality hard drive recovery services. 

Furthermore, we think that you would be interested to know our hard drive recovery process too.

 Let’s move on to that.

Our Hard Drive Recovery Process

  • Submit your hard drive to our lab
  • Our professional engineers will examine the hard drive and will find out the exact cause of hard drive failure or crash. 
  • After an in-depth evaluation, we provide the expected estimation to the client with detailed information. 
  • If the client agrees, then we start the process with the quoted price. Otherwise, we return the hard drive with delivery charges if incurred. 


In short, our lab engineers have in-depth knowledge in recovering the data from the hard drive, built by companies like Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Maxtor, Fujitsu, and IBM. Moreover, our experts can recover the data from all connection interfaces used in hard drives like IDE, SATA, USB, SCSI, SAS, ESATA, and MSATA.

Be assured; we only charge if we are successful in recovering your files! We believe in “No recovery then No charge.” If you think you may need a helping hand for retrieving the data from the hard drive, get in touch with our experts to leverage our top-of-the-line hard drive data recovery services today.

Hardware Encryption VS Software Encryption: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Encryption?

Encryption is an essential tool and an effective method for keeping your data safe as well as secure. It simply means the information is scrambled into a code and does not allow anybody to access the data unless and until the person has an encryption key. If the files are encrypted, there is no way one can read them without the right key. So if anyone tries to access your encrypted files, it would be useless to them as they won’t be able to do anything with them.

Moving further, there are two types of encryption. One is Hardware encryption, and the other one is Software encryption. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss what software and hardware encryption term mean, and why are they important?

What is Hardware Encryption?

Hardware encryption uses a dedicated processor to encrypt the data, physically located on the encrypted drive. A separated processor is dedicated to the task of authentication and encryption, often utilized with a random number generator to generate an encryption key.

Hardware encryption is mostly seen on mobile devices. Taking the example of the TouchID fingerprint scanner in Apple would be a perfect fit here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardware Encryption


Piriform Recuva is one of the most preferred and widely used tools for successful hard drive data recovery if the files have been deleted accidentally. It’s more interactive and helps you recover the data by asking relevant questions regarding data lost.

⦿ Hardware encryption is safer in terms of intercepting compared to software encryption as the encryption process is separate from the host machine.

⦿ The Use of a dedicated processor reduces the burden on the rest of the device, making the encryption/decryption process faster and does not affect the performance.

⦿ The encryption can never be stopped by malware, or end-users at it always remain on.

⦿ Hardware encryption protects from cold boot attacks, force attacks, and malicious code.

⦿ It does not require hardware or software installation on the host machine.


⦿ Hardware encryption for storage is expensive compared to any software tool in smaller environments.

⦿ It becomes a hassle for anyone to access the information if the hardware decryption processor fails.

What is Software Encryption?

⦿ It may require complex driver or software installations

⦿ Viruses can remove software encryption solutions from the drives.

⦿ Hackers can access the computer and reset the attempt counter with the password. So, it is vulnerable to brute force attacks.

⦿ Software encryption is not completely secure. If a hacker will crack the password, the encryption can be undone.

⦿ Software encrypted drives that are redeployed improperly can leave traces of previously stored data even if it has been removed.

⦿ It shares computer resources to encrypt the data. This can cause the entire machine and slow down the machine while the data is being encrypted or decrypted.

Thus, encrypting the data is a challenge to recover. Even if the data is recovered from a failed drive, sometimes it happens that the data is still encrypted, and one cannot read it. In that case, one can use software encryption or hardware encryption method depending upon various situations and devices like smartphones. So, having a complete backup is an advantage. Before the device gets failed, set it up or store it somewhere safe.

But, if you face problems in encrypting the device and you don’t have a current backup, in that case, you definitely need professional assistance. If you are looking for professional assistance, your search ends here!


We are a top-notch data encryption company. We have skilled and experienced data encryption engineers who all are very well-versed in providing consulting and proper guidance for a successful recovery.

Get in touch with Data Empires and send in the entire device or computer because sometimes hardware components aren’t available in the hard drive to decrypt the data.

However, we would like to bring to your attention that data encryption totally depends upon the algorithm’s encryption complexity. Our data encryption experts will investigate everything and let you know about the situation and possible efforts to make the encryption data recovery successful. To know more about our encrypted data services, get in touch with us and rest assured, we will take care of everything!

Top 10 Tips to Resolve Auto BitLocker Issue In Laptop- Troubleshoot the TPM

Many of you often experienced that when you start your laptop, it prompts you to enter the BitLocker recovery key, though you didn’t enable the BitLocker encryption on the system. Well, It’s common, no worries! In Many laptop devices, BitLocker is starting automatically to encrypt the drive if a Microsoft account is used on the system or when they updated BIOS in their laptop.

If you are the one, who is facing such issues, sit relax! Our article will describe the common problems that may prevent BitLocker from behaving as expected when you recover a drive, or it causes BitLocker to start recovering. Plus, you will get also get guidance on how to address such issues.

But before getting started, let us share some insights on what are TPM and BitLocker for those who unaware of it.

So, let’s get started!

⦿ What is TPM

A TPM is a chip situated inside a computer, soldered into the motherboard of a computer. It is there to generate cryptographic keys securely and had other functions as well. Every TPM chip has a unique secret RSA key that is burned into it on production. If BitLocker or any additional security leverages it, it must be suspended before clearing the TPM or replacing the system board.

Now, you might be wondering

⦿ What is BitLocker?

It is a full disk encryption feature available on most versions of Windows.

If BitLocker is triggering on start-up, there are chances that the below-mentioned are one of the causes,

1. Changes to Windows core files

2. Changes to BIOS

3. Changes to TPM

4. Changes to encrypted volume/boot record

5. Changes in hardware configuration

6. Failing to use correct credentials

Let’s discuss the BitLocker issues with real-time examples, tips, and troubleshooting!

BitLocker Tips and Troubleshooting

1. If Disk Encryption Has Started Successfully, Close The Application

This error shows up when encryption has started and will continue to run in the background. You cannot have the application still running while the encryption is going on into the computer. So, it’s better you should close the application.

2. Your Computer Encountered A WMI Error

This kind of problem occurred when your computer encountered a WMI error while initiating the encryption. When such error you experience, you better take the help of experts who are experts for a resolution to this error.

3. An Operating System Is Not Supported For Disk Encryption

It means that the operating system you have in your computer does not support encryption, so you are required to upgrade or replace your computer to complete the encryption. If you think you are not sure where to go for upgrading or replacing it, we are there to help you! Get in touch with us @

4. It Happens, If Your Computer Is Already Encrypted

When your computer is already encrypted, its better you do not proceed further and exit the application.

5. It Indicates, Your Computer Does Not Have TPM Chip

To complete the encryption process, it is necessary to have a TPM chip inside your computer. If you are getting such errors where it shows that it does not have a TPM chip, you definitely need assistance from a technician. You can email us at or call us at +91-9157479767 if you face such kind of error.

6. Bitlocker Is Not Getting Installed On New Model Computers With BSD Image

If you cannot install BitLocker on new model computers with a BSD image, you need to downgrade your TPM. For ex: TPM 2.0 Chip to TPM 1.2

7. The TPM Chip is Not Activated

If you get such kind of error, it means that the TPM chip was not activated. To make it happen, please follow these steps:

1. Start your computer

2. Open BIOS by clicking hotkey “F10” or “F12.”

3. Navigate the appropriate section with arrow keys. TPM is listed as “Integrated peripherals on some motherboards,” whereas other motherboards have a separate security section that says TPM device is under.

4. Press the Enter key to enable the TPM device.

5. EXIT the BIOS and save the changes

6. Boot into the operating system and install the motherboard-provided device driver for the TPM device.

After following the steps mentioned above, you are getting errors. You definitely need a technician. And, for that, you do not have to go anywhere else. All you need to do is to contact DATA EMPIRES, and we will take care of it.

8. Encryption Partition is Not Created

When you get this error which indicates that encryption partition is not created via the process, get in touch with our technician. Our professionals will make sure that they will resolve this issue for you. For more information, you can email us at or call us at +91-9157479767.

9. Disk Encryption is Failed

Getting disk encryption failed; no worries! Our technician will take care of it. Practicing on your own can make the process worse than it was! It is advisable not to try to proceed if it indicates that disk encryption is failed. It is probably that you need experts for such kind of error resolution.

10. Application Experienced Any Unknown Error

If your application experiences any unknown and error and you aren’t sure what it could be, contact the expert who can help you resolve this unknown error. Rest assured, our expert will be at your service!

We hope this article provided a guide for identifying and resolving common issues that you may see with TPM or BitLocker. If you think you are facing the problems not mentioned in the above list, there is no need to worry! You’re in good hands! Please get in touch DATA EMPIRES. We have experienced professionals that have expertise in Logical (software), Electrical (PCB Repair), Mechanical, and Advance Firmware Failure Data Recovery, of all types of Hard Disk Drive. We will be happy to assist you with your request further.

Why You Should Avail Online Data Recovery Training Course

(Learn the Fundamentals of Data Recovery)

Do you know why data recovery knowledge is so essential for any entity and corporate?


If you don’t, then let me get you straight to the fact.


There are more than 600 million hard drives and SSD drives sold worldwide every year.


Approximately 1.8 million hard drive fails every month worldwide.



Regional data recovery market size is soon to be expected to reach $ 4.1 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 12.9 CAGR.



In our opinion, more than 70% of people do not afford data recovery solutions due to high data recovery charges.



You already know, what is the general workflow of the data recovery service market

  • 1. Pick up the drive
  • 2. Deliver to a data recovery expert
  • 3. Wait for the estimation
  • 4. Give estimation to client
  • 5. If the customer agrees – then deliver backup drive to data recovery expert – pickup backup data and drive – deliver to the client
  • 6. If customer is not agree – then pickup drive from data recovery expert office – deliver to client.

So the conclusion is

  • Low income in terms of time and energy you are investing
  • Lots of time is being spent that the usual time
  • The hard-earned money you are investing in is not at all viable to spend upon mediators.


You Can Start Your Own Data Recovery Services


Why you cannot start data recovery services on your own, just because you don’t have proper guidance, knowledge, and money to invest in costly tools?

Many vendors think that if they want to start data recovery business, they required advance tools that cost more than 4000 dollars. Yes, they are right. Advanced tools are also essential to have.

But what if we say you can solve many cases without using advanced tools.

We at DataEmpires Can Help You to Get Out from This Situation

If you are a startup in this field, you can solve up to 70% of cases using native techniques, software, and hardware tools.
Our target is to provide the training and solution for data recovery, which are independent of any tools at the most pocket-friendly prices. Can you assume that you can recover your training investment by just completing one task of data recovery or by repairing 2 of your scrap hard disk?

Many of your clients want to recover the data at a lower price, but due to your less knowledge and high market prices, they are unable to go for that.

We at Data Empires are focusing on the remaining 70 % of people who do not afford data recovery due to higher data charges.

There are four types of failure in Data Storage Devices.

  • 1. Logical Failure
  • 2. Electronic Failure
  • 3. Mechanical Failure
  • 4. Firmware Failure


After taking complete training , the flow of data recovery business will be like this

1. Receive the drive from customer

2. Analyze the drive

3. Give estimation to customer

4. If Customer Is not Agree – Deliver the drive back to customer

5. If customer is Agree – Deliver the data and Drive to customer


At Data Empires, we provide complete data recovery training for a lifetime and basic data recovery tools and software. Register yourself to the Data Empires portal and mobile app for lifetime online learning in Hindi and English as per your convenience. Also, get unlimited download access to the resources.

3 Major Mistakes that Lead to Unrecoverable Data

The use of digital media storage devices has been increased like anything from the last many years, especially hard drives used in a laptop or computer. And, indeed, it is a great invention. But you know what; every innovation comes with a great price or challenge. If it is good for us to make our lives better, then it is definite that it could make our lives worse too if any mechanical or human error can lead to data loss disasters.

Well, it is not a big deal if a mechanical failure in the hard drives happens. It can be taken care of by a specialist who has top-of-the-line expertise and knowledge to overcome all the problems. But if any one of you thinks that you could fix the issue without having any knowledge or experience, you are mistaken. It could be very dangerous and lose the data forever. So, don’t even try to make any of the mistakes we listed down. Avoiding these mistakes can help you recover the data hassle-free.

Now, let’s discuss 3 Major mistakes that lead to unrecoverable data

1. Attempt to recover the data on your own at home

Many times, it happens that you think you could fix the issue and are capable of recovering the data on your own at home. But you know what; it isn’t that easy to recover the data if lost by attempting home data recovery. If you aren’t a professional, you shouldn’t try to attempt because you never know what steps you need to take, how disk platters in a hard drive store the data, maintain the equilibrium in tiny fractions, etc. Therefore, not knowing could lead you to lose the data permanently or at the same time.

If you face such a problem, it’s better to get in touch with the expert or professional data recovery companies that have the expertise to take care of such a situation and help you with the right solution. With in-depth device knowledge and experience, they use the latest tools and technologies to recover your essential data.

2. Attempt to open a hard drive without having any knowledge

We know many of you might be thinking of opening the hard drive on your own so that it can be fixed without wasting your money. But trust us! It is not the solution. You are not aware of the environment a hard drive needs when data recovery is being processed. Not maintaining the inside or outside environment for the hard drives could affect your data, and ultimately you are no longer accessible to that data ever again.

FYI, Data recovery companies invest thousands of dollars into building clean rooms to open the hard drives with the temperature, pressure, and even air texture it needs. It means you are not requested not to attempt or even open a hard drive. Doing so will make you lose the data, and it won’t be recovered for sure. Hence, let this work be done by the professionals only. They have worked with many clients and solved this kind of problem in no time. Engage with the top-notch data Recovery Company or expert
and get it fixed.

3. Attempt to use various cheap data recovery software and data overwriting

Usually, using data recovery software to recover the data would be your first guess/idea that may have come to your mind. But, again, let us warn you. Data recovery software that you know or may find online on different search engines without knowing which one will be perfect or not would not be a wise decision. That cheap software can be helpful sometimes, but not in all situations.

Most of the time, hard drives fail because of mechanical issues, and we are sure that such kind of available online software can’t resolve the problem you are facing. Instead, it can worsen the situation, and overwriting the data can damage your hard drive to the core. So, it would be a suggestion cum request not to use any cheap data recovery software that you are unaware of.

Now, you might be wondering then what you should do if you want to recover the data. Well, no worries! We are here to help you. First of all, don’t do the mistakes mentioned above for sure.

Second of all, get in touch with expert or professional data recovery companies. They are the right or one-stop solution for you in recovering the data. Why? Because they know how to handle such kind of situation and what kind of steps they need to take. Moreover, they have skilled and experienced data recovery experts who all have years of experience serving clients and solving various kinds of problems

regarding data recovery. So, it is advisable to contact top-notch data recovery providers. If you are looking for a Data Recovery Company to recover the hard drives’ data, let us introduce ourselves here.

Dataempires is a leading data recovery services provider, serving clients all across the world. Leverage our high-quality services to recover the data easily at budget-friendly and competitive rates. We have been providing data recovery services for the last 10+ years, and our clients are very happy with our services. If you would like to know more about our work and services, get in touch with our expert at or give us a call at +91-9157479767.