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When data recovery engineers are trying to open hard drives, swap heads, swap platters or perform other kind of physical component swap such as magnet, parking ramp, etc., it is important that they work securely and precisely during the whole process. Many components inside the hard drive are very sensitive and get damaged easily; especially the head and platters. A little mistake such as wrong movement, wrong force, and wrong operations can damage the heads or cause scratches to the platters. Generally untrained people open the top cover of hard disk in general room environment.

As we know the distance between the head and platter will be around 3 to 6 Nano-meters. The size of fingerprints, hair particle, and aerial dust particle on platter is also greater than this gap. Therefore, the need for class100 clean room and specialized equipment is essential for the mechanical repairing and recovery. If we open the hard disk in general environment, the dust particles present in the air will settle on the platter, which will cause platter and head damage. Therefore, Class 100 Clean Room is really essential.

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Head replacement work bench

Head replacement workbench is used to fix both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives so that when users are working on the hard drives in class 100 clean room, the drives will be fixed to the workbench without any movement, and users can perform the physical component swap very safely.

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Platter Replacement tools

We\’ve seen a number of drives with damaged or stuck motor bearings, particularly some that had been dropped or tempered. In first step when Engineers Evaluate Hard Drive it’s like problem of electrical parts or PCB. In this case hard drive spindle motor or read write head did not respond even after changing the same PCB or firmware. The optimum solution to this problem is to replace the platters into another hard disk enclosure with a good motor.

To replace the platter, the platter replacement tool is required. The platter replacement tool is designed in such a way that it fixes on the core edge of the platter and does not allow platter to be damaged. This platter exchanger tool makes it easy to exchange platters. And it does not even have fingerprint marks on top of the platter.

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Magnet remover tool

The hard disk contains a very strong magnet that is attached on the actuator coil section. This magnet is used to develop electromagnetic environments. Some hard disk models have a head stack stopper attached with magnet that controls the movement of the head.

We have to remove this magnet to make head replacement in hard disk. Use the magnets removal tool to remove this magnet in the hard disk. Instead of magnets remover tool, the pliers can also be used.

In order to provide fast data recovering solution and world-class training in data recovery & refurbishing techniques, we have developed the most actionable mechanical data recovery tools. We deal in developing Platter Replacement Tool, Magnet Remover Tool, Head Replacement work Bench and Motor Unstuck Tool for Mechanical Work.