It becomes a nightmare when your hard drive stops working or crashes. All of a sudden, you get frustrated because you have all the critical data back in there, and now you don’t have access to your essential business data or your personal files anymore. It’s natural; anyone of us can get panicked! 

Whenever we all face such a situation, we try and contact the best-in-class hard drive data recovery experts and think that we will ask, “how much does hard drive data recovery cost?”. Well, it’s not that easy! You really need to look out for experienced and skilled hard drive data recovery experts that can provide high-quality data recovery services and budget-friendly pricing too. 

Well, if you are wondering how much does hard drive data recovery cost in 2021? Then have landed on the right blog post!

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Without wasting much time, let me tell you that the hard drive recovery cost may vary from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars as per the critical situation. I am sure that you might have heard people saying that they can recover the data for $1 per GB, right? Do you think that price is valid or acceptable in any case? 

Because we never know in what ways hard drive failure has been made. It needs to be examined adequately, then and then it can be said that the final cost would be to recover the data. 

To quote the estimated price, the hard drive must be scrutinized by professionals only. Trying to recover the data independently without proper data recovery training and knowledge may lead you to lose the information permanently.

But you still are confused and asking yourself a question that approximately, how much would be the cost for hard drive data recovery? Let us share some of the actual and regular costings that hard drive data recovery company charges for answering your questions.

  • Typical hard drive recovery costs range from $49 to $1500 depending upon the complexity, multiple drive setups, extreme damage, and many more factors.
  • The low-end price could go to $49-$99 – This price is charged when files are deleted from the hard drive.
  • The high-end price could go up to $1000- This price is charged when your hard drive is crashed due to water soaking, fire heating, or head or media damage

For example, If your car has an engine issue, the charge will be different when replacing or repairing the car engine. What if you need to fix the vehicle that has met with an accident and wants to replace it with new parts. Of course, charges would be totally different, you agree. Well, in the case of hard drive recovery, it is the same! Cost may vary from issue to issue. Let’s check what different kinds of factors affecting the costing of hard drive data recovery are.

Various Kinds of Factors Determine The Cost Of Hard Drive Data Recovery

  • Device failure
  • Lab tools & operations costs for data recovery
  • Professional team of data recovery engineers/hourly expertise
  • Expected turnaround time 
  • Replacement parts
  • Research and development 
  • Internal media and replacement media
  • Quality assurance with IT security
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Sales, marketing, and customer service 

I hope you are pretty much clear about it. Now, if you think you need a trustworthy hard drive data recovery company, then let us lend a helping hand! We are a top-notch hard drive data recovery company, having experts in recovering the data in professional ways. We at Data Empires, provide top-of-the-line hard drive data recovery services for the last many years to our clients.

Speaking of which, let us tell you what kind of solutions we can provide for several types of issues that can occur to your hard drive.

Common Hard Drive Issues and Solutions?

  • No detection
  • Detection in Bios, not showing in disk management, showing 0 GB in bios
  • Slow performance
  • Formatting issue
  • S.M.A.R.T issue
  • Password protected hard drive
  • Corrupt MBR(Master boot record)
  • Damaged interface(For ex: USB or SATA connector)
  • Motor jam issue(No power)
  • Head stuck issue
  • Suddenly deleted or formatted hard disk
  • Corrupt hard drive firmware
  • Virus-infected drive data recovery
  • The occurrence of the “Format drive” message 
  • Raw partition
  • Partial read/write issue
  • Hard disk head damage
  • Platter surface damage
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage

Again, I would like to inform you that charges may vary. But trust us; we will help you with the budget-friendly quote with high-quality hard drive recovery services. 

Furthermore, we think that you would be interested to know our hard drive recovery process too.

 Let’s move on to that.

Our Hard Drive Recovery Process

  • Submit your hard drive to our lab
  • Our professional engineers will examine the hard drive and will find out the exact cause of hard drive failure or crash. 
  • After an in-depth evaluation, we provide the expected estimation to the client with detailed information. 
  • If the client agrees, then we start the process with the quoted price. Otherwise, we return the hard drive with delivery charges if incurred. 


In short, our lab engineers have in-depth knowledge in recovering the data from the hard drive, built by companies like Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Maxtor, Fujitsu, and IBM. Moreover, our experts can recover the data from all connection interfaces used in hard drives like IDE, SATA, USB, SCSI, SAS, ESATA, and MSATA.

Be assured; we only charge if we are successful in recovering your files! We believe in “No recovery then No charge.” If you think you may need a helping hand for retrieving the data from the hard drive, get in touch with our experts to leverage our top-of-the-line hard drive data recovery services today.